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Meet Us

Kenny & Karen Will

High school sweethearts, they have been married since 1979 and have three children: Daniel, Jeremy, and Nancy and two grandchildren: Ariel and Edward. 

Kenny spends his days around the farm milking, feeding, and general upkeep. When he has a spare minute he sits in the store and visits with customers. He enjoys history and telling stories about the local area and the family. He is also a lifetime member of Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company.

Karen worked on the farm next to Kenny milking, mowing the grass, keeping up the garden, and helping with anything that needs to be done. She has been a volunteer fire fighter with Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company for over 30 years and is a lifetime member. Today she is employed with Rockingham County Fire and Rescue as the Public Education Officer. When she isn't helping on the farm, she goes into the county schools and educates the children about fire safety.

Frank & Cheryl Will

Frank Will, Kenny’s brother, is the other half of Will Brothers, Inc. He is involved in all aspects of the farm.  He especially enjoys caring for the baby calves and planting the corn crop each spring.  Frank also keeps the record books for the farm and pays the bills for both the farm and the creamery.  He loves history and is a member of several local civic organizations.  Frank also enjoys antique tractors and cars and likes to take Sage with him in the pickup.

Frank & Cheryl were married in 2002.  She already had a strong background in milking cows from working on her Uncle’s dairy farm growing up.  Together they love the special events given at the farm and look forward to talking to people who come out as well as helping to plan and bring about the fun!

Cheryl is an accountant and has worked full time at a local credit union for over 29 years.   Since the creamery opened its doors in 2013, Cheryl assumed a second job at the creamery doing the accounting, financial reports and payroll for the employees there.  “It just seemed like the natural thing for me to do since I already had the ability to work on the books; it’s my contribution to the family business and I enjoy doing it.”  Cheryl also enjoys playing piano and canning veggies from their garden.


Frank and Cheryl have a son, Lee, & his wife Sarah, and grandson, Brody. 

Aimee and Daniel Will

Daniel is the oldest son of Kenny and Karen and a former milk delivery driver for the creamery. He stepped away from the daily operations of the creamery. He still helps on the farm and creamery when needed. 

Aimee is a native of Maryland and loves everything about the farm life here in Mt. Crawford. Together, Aimee and Daniel love working with horses and fixing up old tractors. 

Jeremy and Lauren Will

High school sweethearts, Jeremy and Lauren have been married since 2003. They have two children, Ariel and Edward. 

Jeremy is the second child of Kenny and Karen. Jeremy is the processing plant manager and makes sure we always have fresh milk on our shelves. On days he isn't processing milk, he helps with the milking, feeding, and general upkeep and chores of the farm. In his spare time he enjoys working on small engines, pinball machines, and playing video games. 

Lauren works as a teachers assistant at a local elementary school. In her spare time she enjoys photography and spending time with her kids. 

Ariel and Edward Will

The children of Jeremy and Lauren, Ariel and Edward can be seen helping out around the farm or in the store when they aren't in school.

Ariel enjoys reading and crafts. Edward enjoys playing video games and fishing.

Nancy and Isaac Hill

Nancy is the youngest child of Kenny and Karen. She is the former manager of the on-farm store but stepped away while she is pursuing her Master's Degree in Education from James Madison University. 

Isaac is a native of Bristol, VA and found his way to the valley in 2008 for work. Nancy and Isaac have been married since 2012. Isaac enjoys fishing, playing tennis, and hunting. Together they are remodeling their home in Bridgewater. 

Nancy and Isaac Hill

Frank & Cheryl’s dog, Sage, is a yellow Labrador Retriever.  He loves to be outside with Frank and wants to “help” with the chores around the farm.  But since he lives in their home, Cheryl likes to keep him looking and smelling neat and clean so he gets his exercise fetching tennis balls.

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