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Did you know that we not only have one farm, but we actually have two!?  Find out all about both of our farms! 


The Dairy/Creamery

Our farm is situated on approximately 70 acres between Mt. Crawford and Bridgewater on Route 257. Our herd of Holstein and Holstein-Jersey cows are milked twice a day, depending on the season we will milk between 60 and 80 cows. We have about 30 acres of crop land on this farm, 30 acres of grazing for the cows, and the remaining is around the buildings and our homes. 

Our cows have access to plenty of pasture for grazing 24 hours a day, but are fenced off from North River, which runs along our farm. In the mid 1980s we were recognized by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for our conservation efforts. 

We practice crop rotation and strip cropping on steep hills. We practice good farming techniques to preserve the land for future generations to enjoy. 


Our Second Farm

Oakwood is our second farm less then 10 miles from our dairy on the Rockingham/Augusta County line. It was purchased by Kenny and Frank in 1989.  Kenny and his family moved there in 1990 to look over it and Frank stayed on the dairy to manage it. 

Oakwood is approximately 200 acres and is mainly used for growing crops and as a home for our dry cows (cows that are in their dry period, or not giving milk) once a cow gives birth, she begins producing milk again, and she is brought back to the dairy farm to be milked.

In 2003, Jeremy and Lauren got married and moved into the home at Oakwood to watch over that farm and Kenny, Karen, Daniel, and Nancy moved back to the dairy farm in Mt. Crawford. 

Now the farm is home to our mules, horses, chickens, goats,dry cows, numerous barn cats, and 2 dogs. It also used for winter storage of hay, straw, and extra feed for our animals, as well as most of our machinery. 

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